Our Declaration

1. God is speaking a blessing over our children, the little ones that run around in this place. I believe that God is saying to CityLight that this is a place of raising up children that are going to walk with the Lord in greater revelation and authority than you and me, that we will partner with them in ministry at a younger age than is expected, and that the world is going to be surprised by the fire, wisdom and authority that these children walk in. 

2. That this building will be a lighthouse to the lost and will represent a beacon of hope to the hopeless. The world will say, "The people of hope meet there." This will be a place where baptisms are happening so often that we never put the tank away. We will just leave it out. 

3. This will be a place where the believers will come to get equipped. They will not come just to hear a satisfying word, but in the CityLight community, people will be healed up, built up and sent out into the five-fold ministry.

Three Phase Process

Phase 1: Bathrooms and Foyer

The central bathrooms will be increased to almost 4 times the size, eliminating the backups and making them easier for guests to find. The foyer will be expanded and an easy-to-clean flooring will be installed replacing the mismatched and difficult-to-clean flooring.

Phase 2: Kitchen, Office and Utility

A working kitchen will be central to the community life of church events. We will create office work spaces for volunteers and staff, as well as a meeting room where we can provide counseling and one on one ministry.

Phase 3;The Sanctuary

With the rate of growth that CityLight has reached over the past 3 years, our sanctuary will be at 100% capacity and we will be unable to reach more people. We will need to expand our sanctuary.


So this is how we are going to do this.

Each phase will cost approximately $30,000.

To reach our end goal and raise funds for all three phases, we will need to raise a total of $90,000. 

Not everyone can give the same amount but everyone can give AN amount.

18 Month Promise Pledge

Take the 18 Month Promise Pledge. Ask God what you are to give monthly for the next 18 months and make your pledge.

If you give $200 a month, that adds up to $3,600. If you can only give $20 a month, that adds up to $360. No gift is to large and no gift is to small. We can do this together!

Promise Series

We know God is going to do great things through CityLight Church.