Step one - Wedding Packet

The very first step whether you would like to have your wedding at CityLight or use one of our ministers to officiate your wedding is to read through our wedding packet.


Step two - SCHEDULE the date

Your next step is to fill out the Wedding Date Request Form. This will notify us of the date you are planning to have your wedding. In this form you can request to use the CityLight facility and request a minister to officiate your wedding.

Step three - Secure your date

Once you have heard back from us on the availability of your wedding date, you can secure your date on the calendar by paying the required fees. As soon as the fees are paid we will put your wedding on our calendar.

Step Four - Build your team

We have put together a little guide of the most important people in your wedding other than of course you and your wedding party. The list we created are people that are often overlooked and can make or break your big day. Take a look and start recruiting. We included job descriptions for each person to help you communicate what their role includes.


Step Five - PRE MARRIAGE Counseling

Every wedding that we are involved in we require premarital counseling. We try to schedule around 4 sessions to discuss the nature of the marriage covenant, develop skills to work through some of the common difficulties of marriage, help the minister learn more about the couple, and review the wedding ceremony. In certain circumstances, arrangements may be made to do this preparation with another counselor/pastor.

Each premarital counseling sessions lasts around one hour (sometimes a little longer)

Counseling will include an assessment, workbooks and some homework may be required.